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One guy, who was one of six siblings from a religious family, had three of the siblings with criminal records.

None of the men were lookers, and most of were not even interested in accepting a potential match, even when on paper it seemed perfect they refused, making a woman question them, their motives for being on the site and even their sexuality.

The poll claimed the rates were higher for Jews who identified with the Reform or Reconstructionist movements, much less among Conservative Jews and almost non-existent in the Orthodox community.

In Canada, the community likes to believe the rate is lower than their American counterparts, but not really.

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Others have personal matchmakers working to find you a potential match based on a set of criteria you provide.

To please her, as a writer I channeled my inner sarcasm and came up with a profile that included flippant lines like "Gone With The Wind inspired me to study real Jewish southern belles during the Civil War, the Jewish Scarletts, and Melanies.

As for me as I am as fiery and determined as Scarlett, but as sweet, caring, and compassionate as Melanie." With a sappy conclusion, I wrote "I am looking for my own bashert to make this journey through life even more meaningful," although feminism teaches young women that life can be complete without a man.

In my journey, I met Jewish men from around the world, but particularly the US, New York, and Canada.

I will be blunt you hear horror stories about online dating, and I believe I experienced some of the worst because the experience nearly killed me.

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