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Once you busy yourself by picking up a new hobby of getting involved in literally anything from volunteer work to binge-watching a series, you’ll realize you have less time to think about your ex.Not just that but you also focus your energy on your new undertaking and you invest your time and emotions in there, once this is set into motion, you steadily give less and fewer thoughts to your ex.So don’t hold yourself back, don’t blame yourself for the breakup…just don’t; keep in mind that it requires both parties to make the relationship work.This is probably the most important step to keep in mind if you pondering how to get over a breakup.You’ll find yourself misdirecting the feelings you’re trying to get rid off onto your rebound or you will find yourself always comparing your new partner to your ex and these are not even the worst-case scenarios.Use the period to work on being a better version of yourself so you can be emotionally ready when the time for your next relationship comes around.One thing you should never do once a relationship is over is to blame yourself.Don’t think, I should have done this more or I should have been more like that. First of all, it is simply not true – if a relationship was meant to last then it would have.

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Invite a few friends over, or only your best friend if you don’t want a crowd – the pair of you can stay indoors and have a few drinks while binge-watching your favourite comedy shows.Because it didn’t last, you should probably come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t meant to be and that there are better things on the horizon.Focusing on a previous relationship does nothing but keep you from moving on to your future.Here’s the truth, getting over a break up is never easy – if it were, there wouldn’t be the need for a post about how to get through it.So it’s okay if you want to cry about it – a broken heart is no child’s play.

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