A methodology for validating software product metrics dating ukraine ladies

Patrick Kua outlines four guidelines for an appropriate use of software metrics: Often sets of software metrics are communicated to software development teams as goals.

So the focus becomes: For example, size-based software metrics often measure lines of code to indicate coding complexity or software efficiency.

Not reaching that number lets software development teams know they need to work more on reaching that target.

In an effort to simplify functions, software developers could write more functions that have fewer lines of code to reach their target but do not reduce overall code complexity or improve software efficiency.

But oversimplifying software development can distract software developers from goals such as delivering useful software and increasing customer satisfaction.

Of course, none of this matters if the measurements that are used in software metrics are not collected or the data is not analyzed.

For example, lines of code (LOC) is a common measure of software development.

But there are two ways to count each line of code: Thus, a single software package could have two very different LOC counts depending on which counting method is used.

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