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The task of gaining students' attention and engaging them for a period of time requires many teaching and managing skills.Teaching and interactions should provide successful learning experiences for each student.A worksheet is divided easily by drawing lines across it and writing go and stop within each section. If a student is easily distracted by visual stimuli on a full worksheet or page, a blank sheet of paper can be used to cover sections of the page not being worked on at the time.

A reading guide can be developed paragraph-by-paragraph, page-by-page, or section-by-section.Directions, stories, and specific lessons can be recorded on tape.The student can replay the tape to clarify understanding of directions or concepts. When you locate a conjunction, find it in the list of conjunctions under each sentence.This technique prevents students from examining an entire workbook, text, or material and becoming discouraged by the amount of work.Also, the teacher can reduce the amount of work when it appears redundant.

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