Adult dating american express

Whether you co-sign a credit card with your teen or add him as an authorized user, how your teen uses the card can affect your credit as well.

If you have a good credit history and offer yourself as a co-signer when your teen applies for a card, the lender may be more willing to approve the application – but you will be responsible for the credit card balance if your teen cannot pay.

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Individuals must present: Recent changes to the guest policy have certainly made it difficult for families of 4 or more to access a Centurion Lounge.

As mentioned above, the guest policy for Platinum Cardmembers currently allows access for the cardholder and up to two guests.

American Express charges a fee of 5 to issue an additional Platinum Card to up to three authorized cardholders.

In most cases, if you’re a larger family and your travels involve your partner and children, it makes sense to add your partner as an authorized cardholder in order to gain additional guest access.

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