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The play tells the true story of Marc Hall, a teen in Oshawa who successfully fought the Durham Region Catholic School Board in 2002 for the right to bring his boyfriend to the prom.

"I remember the emails from religious leaders and the public telling us we'd be going to hell if we passed that policy and I remember how proud I was when love won over hate." The staging of , will be another historic moment for members of the LGBTQ community, Reid said.At Tuesday night's meeting, trustee Peter Jaffe emphasized the school board's history of using theatre to address controversial topics."When we do a play on family violence, we're not generalizing to all families and all parents," said Jaffe.Earn extra points for each hidden treasure you find and photo your team takes. Take your time, race to the finish or pause the app to spend more time at a specific location. Each player chooses an interactive role like Brainiac, Photographer or Explorer, so everyone’s in on the fun!Kids as young as 5 can even select the Youngster role designed to help them explore with the group.

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