Affirmations for love dating

You could also consider writing it on a note that you can paste above your dresser.

This is just one way to phrase an affirmation that addresses any trust issue that might be holding you back from dating success.

And if you are familiar with the Law of Attraction then you are probably aware that our thoughts and feelings can shape our reality.

This is why repetitive affirmations for love can help us to get our thoughts and feelings out into the world and the universe can respond.

Whatever phrase you choose, this is another type of affirmation that is probably most useful if you say it into the mirror right before you leave the house. It’s great to commit yourself to the quest of finding a soul mate, and the Law of Attraction does encourage a consistent focus on your goal.

After all, proponents of the Law of Attraction note that if you see yourself in a certain way, others are liable to perceive you similarly.

You can replace this affirmation with any phrase that gets you into a great headspace for charming people, and it’s especially effective when you’re feeling a bit grumpy or low before planning to go on a date or an event for single people.

For example, perhaps you do think you can be sexy, but you worry about whether you’re funny and desperately want to be seen as smart.

I am so thankful for my partner and how caring they are. Each day I am so grateful for how loved I am and much people care about me. I know and trust that the Universe will only bring me loyal supporting and loving relationships. I open my heart to love and know that I deserve it.

I deserve to receive the love I get and I open myself to the love the Universe gives me. I am open to marriage and attracting my future spouse. My love (and/or marriage) grows stronger every day. I am capable and deserving of a long lasting relationship. My relationship will be open, honest and full of abundance.

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