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It ended up with over 4,200 Facebook likes/shares, a boatload of retweets, and even a bunch of Google votes!Well, recently we were chatting with our friend Capt.Bo Johnson (the two of them are the faces behind Fish Tenacity) have a huge following as they put their clients on some of the biggest fish in Southwest Florida.You can usually find Deidra fishing or hunting somewhere near the west coast of Florida. Female angler Brandi Metts has caught just about every saltwater species in Florida!You can check out her popular You Tube channel here.

A few months ago we had a blog that went crazy viral called, “The Complete List: 85 Must Know Saltwater Anglers”.Mike Goodwine (aka Blackneck Adventures), and he mentioned that we should continue doing these popular fishing lists…and more specifically, that the next “Must Know Fishing List” should be focused on female anglers as they don’t get enough credit in our industry. For decades, the fishing industry has been almost entirely male dominated.Not to mention, this female angler can catch some serious redfish on both fly and conventional reels.Every time we see her posts coming across our Instagram feed it’s Brenna holding another good looking copper top redfish.

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