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In his speech, Kiedis thanks them thusly: "I have a very wild father and a very mild mother and they both made me who I am.

I'd like to thank my father for introducing me to the arts - for inspiring me to be a free thinker and to go find out myself. And although my mother was much more sort of mild and laid back about the whole thing, I realized years later as I watched her suit up and show up for about 40 years going to work she taught me the lessons of what it is to suit up and show up and go to work every day and the gratification that comes with it.

Oct., 2006: Kiedis explains the genesis of the song "Especially in Michigan" (from the album "Stadium Arcadium") to The Press: "I have a connection to Michigan.

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I never, in the book, blame him for any of my problems, because that's bull." Kiedis reveals in the book that he spent time in a Grand Rapids-area rehab center in 2000 while visiting family for Christmas.The smell of pine needles baking on the sandy shores of some forgotten bend in a faraway creek." He later adds, "Michigan has a good reputation around the country. People may not realize just how much natural beauty the Mighty Mitten holds, but that's part of Michigan's charm.It's not an over-populated mess."April, 2012: Both Dammett and Idema attend the Chili Peppers' Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction.I love my mama, thank you all." Idema was in the crowd.Oct., 2011: "Scar Tissue," long in development to become a TV series, is picked up by the FX network after HBO abandons the project.

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