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So how did Drake pull off this massive Degrassi High reunion, filmed on the original set in Toronto, without anyone catching on?Well, it all happened very quickly, according to Shane Kippel (Spinner, Jimmy's BFF), the first cast member contacted about participating in the video, and Miriam Mc Donald (Emma).And I wouldn't have made it through these hallways with any others!🤗🍾 #imupset #degrassi A post shared by Miriam Mc Donald (@miriamkatherine26) on To bring this to fruition, Drake brought back together over 20 cast members, which included Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny Van Zandt), Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty Van Zant), Paula Brancati (Jane Vaughn), Stefan Brogen (Archie "Snake" Simpson), Lauren Collins (Paige Michalchuk), Nina Dobrev (Mia Jones), Marc Donato (Derek Haig), Jake Epstein (Craig Manning), Stacey Farber (Ellie Nash), Jake Goldsbie (Toby Isaacs), Andrea Lewis (Hazel Aden), Linlyn Lue (Laura Kwan), Melissa Mc Intyre (Ashley Kerwin), Adamo Rugguiero (Marco Del Rossi), AJ Saudin (Connor De Laurier), Christina Schmidt (Christina Schmidt).

Like its predecessors, the series follows an ensemble cast of students at the fictional Degrassi Community School who face various challenges often seen as taboo such as sex, teen pregnancy, bullying, date rape, drug abuse, body image, homosexuality, domestic violence, gang violence, self-injury, suicide, abortion, mental disorders, death, and many other issues.

The energy that was caught on camera, nothing of that was played up for effect. We love the entire cast, we're so grateful to the ones who showed up and we were thinking about the ones who weren't there."Kippel added, "They were all missed.

That was how we were really feeling being in each other's presence, so I'm happy it translated. Both Kippel and Mc Donald weren't sure exactly why they were missing from the video, she did say, "I did hear that Ryan Cooley apparently thought it was a scam, didn't believe it. We did reach out to them…made as many phone call and Face Time attempts as we could, but availability is always an issue when you're dealing with such a large group."(Clark told Page Six that he was never contacted to be in the video.) Of course, at the end of the day, it was really about the man of the hour, the artist formerly known as Wheelchair Jimmy.

Plus, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, who guest-starred as themselves in several episodes, including the And because the show had so many characters, it wasn't a typical experience to have a large number of cast members in the same scene, making this video shoot a truly memorable experience.

"There wasn't a day where we actually filmed where all the characters were present," Kippel said.

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