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I was out on the town with my new found lady friends, we were just girl looking for fun, well all except me.

I was a post op ladyboy with a beautiful new face and a lovely pair of fake tits looking for fun.

I thought it was a great chance to maybe get some girl-on-girl action some time so I approached Karen about it.

She said she’d casually mentioned it to Jamie and the cute little Asian girl didn’t seem disgusted at all.

I’ve never cheated on her but she knows I have always been keen on seeing her getting fucked by a chick while I watch.

There’s something about watching a girl getting fucked by another girl with a strap-on, or better yet an Asian ladyboy doing my girlfriend, that gets my cock extra hard very fast.

In fact I was so entranced by the beauty there it took me a few minutes to realize there were only five girls! This site has taken the concept of amateur ladyboys who run their own sites and combined 5 of the hottest I have ever seen together in one large site.

My girlfriend had been interested in experimenting with girls for a couple of years now but we’d never really found a girl we both thought was hot enough or actually willing to play along.

Also, we didn’t know any ladyboys so that fantasy was still sitting in limbo.

I was smiling and a guy, he was smiling back when suddenly I heard tone of conversation change and turned my attension back to the table. thought it would be nice to meet for a drink some time…or if you want we can skip the formalities and you can come round to our place. I responded immediately, ‘yes I would love to’ and arranged a tranny date.

This is how I came to relalise that cupid is an asian ladyboy, not a cherub. I was certain I was going to get lucky that night, I had been talking to this girl for half an hour and she was showing all the right signs, laughing at my unfunny jokes, holding eye contact, touching my arm. “Great choice Tommy, I’d definatley have a threesome with her, do you want ass or pussy.” It was my ‘best friend’ Bill, he had always had a thing for me but since I was strait nothing ever happened, we just carried on being buddies.

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