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“It’s very antiseptic.” For Michael, a 54-year-old entrepreneur who declined to share his last name for professional reasons, the best — and worst — part of modern dating is how many options are out there. “All of a sudden I’m out three or four nights a week with different people, sometimes not even remembering their names.

Although the Upper East Sider was initially too embarrassed to use dating apps after his 18-year marriage fell apart, he finally cracked and made an account — and suddenly found himself bingeing on booty calls. It was crazy.” He even had a fling with a 23-year-old fashion model he met online.

Plus, unlike other professional dating websites, e Harmony won’t ask you to sacrifice precious hours scrolling through hundreds of profiles of eligible singles.

Character, adaptability, humour and ambition are just a few of the dimensions that we take into consideration, so you can be sure that you’ll find people who share the same priorities as you when it matters most.

But — as with adolescence, and any other period of great change — she thinks it’s just a matter of taking time to adjust to a new reality.

However, “once everyone calms down from all the screwing around, they say to themselves, ‘You know what?

Whether you’re a lawyer looking for long-lasting love or a CEO searching for ‘the one’, e Harmony is a great place to start.

Unlike other free online dating sites tailored to busy professionals, we specialise in helping people meet singles who are ready for a meaningful, long-lasting relationship – no time wasters.

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