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There were some shafts that were already built as early 1981, and the 58th Regiment too built shafts in record time.

In one of the older shafts, at about 100 metres inside we found a lot of groundwater collected.

About a hundred scientists, led by the former chairman of the atomic commission, R Chidambaram, former Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) chief Anil Kakodkar, former president and then Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief APJ Abdul Kalam, and DRDO adviser K Santhanam, Kaushik and his men worked cautiously.

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That was done purely to attract people to watch and mislead the satellites that nothing significant was happening in Pokhran,” Kaushik said. “One was to channelise the sub-soil water entering and getting collected in the shafts meant for the tests.But some of the little known facts about the tests are here: The 58th Regiment that was responsible for carrying out the tests and keeping it a secret used cricket, practically a religion in India and billiards, to deceive spying satellites and saving the bomb, respectively.“The security of information and activities from satellites, spies on the ground and even the general public and our troops was paramount given the leaks earlier, but along with that we also had to create and maintain six shafts as opposed to one in 1974,” Kaushik said.There were several other innovations, but the one without which there would be no Operation Shakti, was the “Billiards Sticks Concept” With most things ready, it was time to fill up the shaft, up to the level of the canteen with sand.However, the team could not just drop sandbags from the mouth of the shaft as it could potentially damage the canteen, even the bomb, with its impact.

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