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The winner of the day was the Billiard (36 shapes now), along with 36 Bents and 32 Dublins / Zulus. Being the most important customer in the English speaking world, Oppenheimer & Co. It was opened in 1903, but the forecasts had been over-optimistic for it's capacity could not be utilized to the full until World War I.were designated as sole distributor for Great Britain, the USA and Canada in 1897. Things changed as the French pipe factories lacked more and more workers who were called to the front.

But as elsewhere too, the bulk was made as figural carvings.After the war, GBD continued production both in London and in Paris.London GBDs mainly went into the national trade and as well into the British Empire and the USA.August Marechal and Ferdinand Ruchon led the firm into the 20th century.They were in charge of the company for more than 50 years.

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