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More importantly, she got the university to face up to the inadequacies of its penalty system which, in her case, was deemed “manifestly inadequate’’ by Education Minister Ong Ye Kung.I asked a few female undergraduates why Ms Baey, 23, a communications student, didn’t take the route that I would have taken if this happened to me 30 years ago in university: tell some seniors about the matter and have them deal with it.It looked like it was written by a very bad PR firm.

I have been told too many times that the subjects are young people, bright people, who always deserve a second chance or even a third.

You have to be a repeat sexual offender to be expelled.“For first-time offenders, because we are an educational institution, we want to give the students a chance.

Student offenders who appear before the Board of Discipline for the first time are given a range of punishments, but not immediate expulsion,” she said.“two-strikes and you’re out’’ policy because it believed that this would assure the public that the university is a safe place." data-reactid="38"It makes me wonder if NUS disclosed this “two-strikes and you’re out’’ policy because it believed that this would assure the public that the university is a safe place.

I did so when I was bothered by a lascivious lad who made me cry with his lewd attentions.

I don’t know what the seniors did, but I got what I wanted: the boy never so much as looked me again after that.

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