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I’ve used the mantra “You’ve dodged a bullet, Tim,” as a way to interrupt my mind.

If you are finding yourself lacking meaning in your life and your mind is taking over, interrupt the cycle of troublesome thoughts with a mantra.

I’ve realized that as hard as it is, we can’t let this reality delude and depress us.

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We all watch these pump up videos on social media that tell us never to give up, but then when the struggle comes around we forget.

I’m straight as an arrow, and I obviously didn’t personally hook up with Pierce.

I’ve never been near the guy and probably never will be. I was sitting in a pub with a few people I’d just met.

I had no problem paying for my own food even though others expected the “young rich” to foot the bill.

It’s bloody phenomenal how misleading almost everything we come into contact with is.

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