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later on that week we found out that the climate was so low and the wind was blowing so strong it was the same as a hurricane. now they make fun of my small chode and wen i pissed i pissed brown! when i asked what happened i was told i made out with my best friend(both of us are girls) and after having sex with my boyfriend i yelled at him and told him he " shook it up" and i needed a trash can and when he came back the panties were on my head. One night four months ago I drank a Four Loko along with some beers.

My friend Nicole then found me in my brothers room completley naked in my room in my puke.

we stopped at a strip mall and rolled the 1st blunt then sparked it and walked to the park..

the wind began to pick up even more so we had to find shelter.

Then came home, with my pants on inside out, my bra around my neck, my belt hanging off my pants, my vagina hanging out.

I threw up on all my bfs clothes, then jumped out my window to sleep next to him.

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