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You actually were in that water but you say that he helped you to see life differently in a more beautiful way.

This is the quote I’ve been looking for he showed me a bigger life than I ever dreamed of. I have to say this chapter in this book this was the hardest thing for me to work on.

Interviewer: What I also aside from how beautifully and poignantly and movingly the story is told.

I mean I’ve heard you tell it I looked in your eyes shortly after it happened but the way you write about it here, I could feel him his last feeling.

”For him, the spot for both of those things is the sun-drenched living room, where a worldly mix of mostly vintage furnishings—roomy 1960s club chairs, a Jansen brass cocktail table with a smoked-glass top, a ’70s sofa seemingly designed for slumping—is inviting as well as stylish. “It’s the epitome of serenity to me.”Something the couple agreed should be a focal point in the home is a handwoven photograph of Joshua Tree National Park by Fernando Bengoechea, Berkus’s former partner who died in the 2004 tsunami that struck Thailand. “So we put it in the center of our house, Poppy’s playroom.” Adds Berkus, “Everyone should be able to sit in a room with pieces that spark memories.

If you create the feeling that a home is a vessel for stories and memories, you have succeeded.”The designers consider their home a great gift.

So I wasn’t always prepared emotionally to dig into this story.

The nine times I had to do to get it right and to get it to be what I needed it to say but it was a process.

Brent and his burgeoning design business, meanwhile, were in Los Angeles.

“Where will I hold my daughter on Saturday mornings?

Where will my husband and I sit and reflect and recharge? Which is why I also put a Canary Island dragon tree in the room.”Berkus, for his part, is especially fond of the master bedroom, a study in neutrals, with a vintage low table and floor lamps adding softly shimmering brass accents.

Here is one way: Nate Berkus, a 45-year-old interior designer and the co-star of the TLC show “Nate and Jeremiah by Design,” was taken with Jeremiah Brent, also an interior designer, on their first date in 2011. So began months of cross-country airplane trips and late-night telephone calls. Six months into their relationship, on a vacation in Mexico, they had a big fight.

But there are a million ways of figuring it out, and we’ve asked some people when they knew. Brent went shopping at a vintage furniture store, then for a walk by the Hudson River in New York. Berkus’s apartment to talk, and he remembers being overcome by the feeling that he was meant to be with this man. Brent lived in Los Angeles and got on a plane the next morning.

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