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After a half-hour of most delightful conversation we both slept for the balance of the flight, but Hillel honored his promise to send me his latest book, After One-Hundred-and-Twenty: Reflecting on Death, Mourning, and the Afterlife in the Jewish Tradition, which I recommend highly.

This e-mail address will be the best way to reach me for the foreseeable future, and if you find yourself wandering around Suffolk County, New York, please do let us know.

As a rabbi, I am forbidden to recommend that approach lest my credentials be rescinded, though I understand how you feel, having been there myself many years ago.A different way to deal with the repetitiveness of Shabbat services in a single institution is to shul-hop.If you are fortunate enough to live within easy commute of several synagogues, you might make a decision where to daven each Shabbat based on your mood that day.Donations to help restore this magnificent building are always welcome—they’ve already raised ,000!https:// My travels, as usual, gave me additional reading opportunities.

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