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HOW TO WATCH ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK ONLINE“But I’ve had wonderful relationships.I’ve had a lot of love, and I don’t have any qualms about where it comes from.”Since then, however, it seems that she may have found love.Janet was “sick” - except, it turned out nine days later, she wasn’t.This is what happened… Excited to announce the the new @Sleater_Kinney album, The Center Won't Hold, is out August 16th!

Polanco’s lawyer Gerald Lefcourt released a statement that claimed.

My best/oldest friend and the heart and soul of this band, You think she doesn't have agency in SK?

She is all over this record, it's her best songwriting yet. A few weeks, ago a friend of mine implored me to get my hands on the new @jennylewis album, calling it a "stone cold classic." She was right, and I've been listening to it every day since. Loved talking with the wonderful @samsanders for ' It's Been A Minute.' I always appreciate the opportunity to dig a little deeper.

The reports claim that she sent Michelle Cardona a text message to invite her over and once inside the home, Dascha attacked her.

It is unclear why Dascha may have attacked the Cardona like that or if she did at all.

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