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They simply wanted to spend a summer in an appropriately warm hemisphere.

“I gotta thank Australia,” Chong says of the land down under where summer is the colder season of the year.

“That smuggling of marijuana, how do we smuggle pot across the border,” he says.

“I remember this old joke about a guy taking a wheelbarrow across the border every day, and Customs would search the wheelbarrow and they couldn’t figure out what he was smuggling.

“All royalties should be addressed to Cheech and Chong, and then we’ll spread them for the greater good of all humanity,” Cheech says.

“We will take all the credit for that,” Chong says.

“The story line is: ‘Two guys meet, want to form a band, but first they need to get high, so they have to find a joint.’ Therein lies your plot.” And he’s not kidding either, though that simple plot is fleshed out by a trip to Tijuana, where Cheech and Chong in their roles of Pedro and Man end up accidentally smuggling a delivery man made entirely out of weed back into the United States, a team of bumbling narcotics officers on their tail, with everyone ending up at a battle of the bands at the Roxy, the famed nightclub on the Sunset Strip conveniently owned by Adler.

“The acting was easy – we knew no technique,” says Marin, 71, with a laugh.

We just did one bit at a time and next thing you know we had a movie.” In linking together the different comedy bits the pair found funny they looked for simplicity again.

“You want to do the simplest story line,” Marin says.

Cheech and Chong appear in a viral video that appears to be a trailer for a fictitious movie titled “Cheech & Chong’s Magic Brownie Adventure,” but is revealed to be a commercial for Fiber One snack brownies.

Cheech and Chong appear on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” after former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, joins the board of a marijuana company and expresses his support of legalization.

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