Chely wright brad paisley dating

She says when the topic of homosexuality came up Brad felt being gay is a CHOICE.

That either people are choosing to be gay, or they were molested as a young child, which led them to choose this lifestyle. Chely Wright opened a gay community center here in Kansas City called LIKE ME LIGHTHOUSE.

There would just be no way that they could get aroused, but if its a "choice", I guess that means they could potentially have a cock in their mouth or ass one day.Thank God someone is still willing to stand up for what they believe.You might not agree with it but if you want tolerance then practice what you preach and be kind and accepting of his views on the matter!He is essentially saying one can choose to be either, which sheds suspicion on his own heterosexuality. According to his Wiki page, he was involved with a closeted lesbian (Ms Wright of the OP's subject).She said she picked him to have a hetersoxeual relationship with because "he’s wickedly smart, which is one of the reasons why I made the decision to spend time with him. I never had the capacity to fall in love with him, but I figured if I’m gonna live a less than satisfied life, this is the guy I could live my life with.

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