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Poet Qu Yuan is said to have expressed his love for the ruling monarch, King Huai of Chu, through several of this works, most notably "Li Sao" and "Longing for Beauty".

Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in China since 1997.With the rapid legalization of same-sex marriage in numerous countries around the world, discussion on the issue has emerged in China.Its approach to LGBT rights and same-sex marriage has been described as "fickle" and as being "no approval; no disapproval; no promotion." Børge Bakken, a criminologist at the Australian National University, said in 2018: "President Xi Jinping's regime is very nervous about everything.Dong was noted for his relative simplicity contrasted with the highly ornamented court, and was given progressively higher and higher posts as part of the relationship, eventually becoming the supreme commander of the armed forces by the time of Emperor Ai's death.It was also during this period that one of the first mentions of female homosexuality surfaced.

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