Christina and adam levine dating

And the worst part, for some critics, was that none of the performers gave even the slightest nod to Kaepernick or his cause.

Did she spill a secret, or come up with that theory that Levine would leave due to fan speculation?

Adam's very subtle and doesn't use words, just sneaky actions.

She is sick of the way she's being treated and she's disgusted with Adam." Levine insisted to Levine's bickering with Aguilera didn't just annoy the "Dirrty" singer—even other coaches and host Carson Daly were irritated by the beef.

He got "Moves Like Jagger" stuck in the heads of everyone on the planet for about a year.

After Rihanna and Cardi B declined to perform, the latter of whom explicitly stating she did so out of solidarity with Colin Kaepernick's "take a knee" protest, Maroon 5 signed on alongside rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott.

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