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Mutual consent must always be granted, regardless of whether participants are strangers or have been married for many years.A girlfriend cannot just assume she can have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend -- even though they are in a relationship, consent must still be given.You can choose based on your culture, sexual orientation, or sexual experience. With sexual assaults on college campuses making more and more headlines and the #Me Too movement, the definitions and understanding of consent and sexual assault have been at the forefront of public discussion recently, particularly on college campuses where the mix of social events and alcohol can further complicate matters.The reality is that despite knowing the legal definition of consent, many students do not fully understand how to practice consensual behavior on campus.This guide offers information and resources to help college students better understand consent and how to ask for and give it.

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If someone says yes to sex out of fear of the consequences if they refuse, there is no consent.

It is never assumed by appearance, body language, previous behavior, silence, or incapacitation and must be given for activities such as sexting, touching, sex, and any other type of sexualized interaction.

Today, the old school understanding of consent, “no means no,” is no longer enough and has been replaced with “yes means yes,” which is the idea that sexual participants must receive a clear “yes” for each sexual act and/or escalation.

have games, surveys, questionnaires, and polls, but they are also great for entertainment.

Just reading all the threads and categories and seeing what other people are sharing is entertaining.

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