Consolidating p19

I only write this to a range, so I create a two-dimensional, base-one array with 1 row and 6 columns.

In other applications, I need an array for a range and one for a listbox.

With the preservation of Cavite City’s cultural heritage and commerce in mind, we developed Ciudad Nuevo 1.

started with the vision to bring forward the country’s urban landscape. With many other developments under construction, Aseana City is truly a sight to behold.

Permaswage is the technology leader in the fluid fitting industry providing proprietary and standard components, tooling, and training to all major aerospace companies globally.

The former brands of Designed Metal Connections and Permaswage are now consolidated.

I do this every other week with timesheets, so I thought I’d share my story.

consolidating p19-3consolidating p19-11consolidating p19-1consolidating p19-14

When I wrote the Time Array property, I definitely liked working with the module level variables (like md Vacation). I guess the apps I write just aren’t big enough for it to make a difference.Here I’m just pulling data out of predefined ranges.For example, I know sick hours are stored in P20, so I hardcoded the address.For this the project is articulated through ramps of easy access and it is also generated, visual connections Interior-Exterior from different points throughout the building, guaranteeing the recognition of the situation, and in normality, making the Landscape an important part of The exhibition. This is one of several projects made with the help of the government’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) programs.

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