Dating a druze men

There are about 130,000 Druze in Israel, with about a fifth residing in the Golan Heights and most of the rest on Mount Carmel and in the Galilee.A unique ethnic minority, their religion is an offshoot of Islam that differs markedly from Islam in its beliefs.An ancient mulberry tree adds a dash of color to the complex, which offers a stunning look at the village below.Druze men and women dress in two vastly different styles.In fact, they loathe the name bestowed upon them by a Christian historian in the 11th century.He called them Druze after one of the missionaries, Nashtakin Darzi.

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Here, according to tradition, Sabalan died and was buried.

That seemed like a good site for a permanent settlement, and area Druze flocked to what would become Beit Jann, a major Druze village in Israel located on the ridges of Mount Meron.

Indeed, all the Druze villages to follow were built high in the hills, for reasons of security.

It was established in 1017 by Egyptian ruler Caliph El Hakem bi-amer Allah (El-Hakem by the command of Allah).

For the next 26 years people were welcomed into the ranks.

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