Dating a handicaped person christian teen dating personals

Andrew was asked this question from a girl he was on a second date with – “Are you still able to have sex?

” He had multiple sclerosis and occasionally needed to rely on a wheelchair but as far as his manhood was concerned, everything worked pretty well, and he’d had no complaints up until that point.

You’d be amazed at how many times that question comes up, and although occasionally the answer will be “no”, more often than not, the question just causes offence.

Wait for your date to bring up any problems, it’s not down to you to bring it up.

We have a large database of disabled singles and to assist you in a better way, we strive daily to nourish your online dating experience.

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Not every disability means that restrictions will be made on your relationship or your love life, and dating a disabled person is no different from dating a regular-abled person.

It should teach you a very vital lesson – don’t assume that someone that is disabled can’t do things, and never, ever patronise or condescend them.

Being really condescending to a disabled person about their disability is something your mother should have taught you is very rude.

There is no need for it, and what makes it worse is the fact this guy actually assumed she had more limitations with regards to her disability than she let herself have.

Kate was asked this question, just as she was getting ready to go on her first date with a man her best friend had set her up with.

He sent her this via text – “Doesn’t it annoy you that you can’t do what your partner is up to all the time, if you date someone that isn’t disabled?

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