Dating a musician on tour

"Scheduling any sort of vacation or out-of-town trip was nearly impossible," she says.

"Jack toured the world with three different bands, so when he was home, he liked to stay home.

But paying for the trip doesn't sound so bad compared to never being able to actually take one, as Craig found.

Lawrence is now known internationally for his work with The Raconteurs, but he's been touring extensively since the mid-'90s with his garage-rock band The Greenhornes, which formed in Cincinnati in 1996. But he's one of the lucky few: It only took a decade for Lawrence to see a payoff.

But Craig—who would only answer questions via email—says she didn't know any better when the relationship began in 1998.

He's the only musician she's ever dated, the only boyfriend she's ever had.

The couple headed for Splitsville, and Craig headed to court.

Suddenly, the backstage passes, rock star meet-and-greets and surprise trips to New York vanished.

It may sound like an endless party with a house on Cribs at the end of the rainbow.

She's better known as the plaintiff in a lawsuit against ex-boyfriend Jack Lawrence, The Raconteurs' bassist, over something decidedly less glamorous—the division of their personal assets.

Craig claims she supported Lawrence financially for the last eight years.

So before you saunter side-stage batting your eyelashes for that free band beer, read on: This road has curves ahead, and it's slippery when wet. After nearly a decade of immersion in the band-dude grind, the 34-year-old now finds herself making headlines.

It's not for authoring a collection of short stories or designing the Gilded Cage clothing line.

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