Dating an engineering student Free sex chat directly

The survey also revealed that students are likely to have partners with similar majors to their own; for example, engineering students dating natural science students.

There is no lack, however, of people dating someone with a completely different academic major.

According to the results of this year’s Student Life Sex Survey, most Washington University students tend to date someone within the same school or division of major.

The annual survey was conducted over the past two weeks, which introduced a question regarding the academic majors of partners in relationships.

So no matter who’s doing them, STEM jobs pay significantly more than non-STEM jobs, on average.SEE ALSO: 12 badass women that inspire girls to get into STEM Research suggests that some successful STEM women may be afraid to share their achievements with potential dates, however, because they are worried that they will intimate potential partners.Researchers at the Harvard Business Review surveyed male and female students.While stereotypes might render the following statistic surprising, engineers date more than any other academic major.Forty-nine percent of engineering undergraduates are currently dating someone, compared to about 43 percent for undergraduates overall.

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