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According to Confucianism, a marriage is the beginning of ethics and a wedding ceremony is the essence of etiquettes, which has a substantial influence on social stability, and only those marriages with formal wedding ceremonies are recognized by society.The basic principles of an ancient marriage mainly involved the matched social status, the dictates of the parents and the advice of the matchmaker, the ban of the marriage for a couple with the same surname and the tolerance toward polygamy.

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Having never seen each other before their wedding day, this resulted in numerous unequal and loveless marriages.

Matching Birthdates: if the proposal went well, the matchmaker would inquire about the four pillars of birth time (referring to the year, month, day and hour of birth respectively, known as Bazi in Chinese astrology) of the couple-to-be and submitted it to a fortune-teller to predict their future.

If the fortune-teller said it was ok, the marriage ritual would continue.

Six rituals of the traditional Chinese marriage customs have essentially remained over time, known as “Three Letters and Six Etiquettes”, which are passed down from one generation to another.

Three Letters The Three Letters refer to the betrothal letter, the gift letter and the wedding letter, each of which is used in a different ritual of the marriage.

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