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THAT right there would make me more inclined to buy Buck. My Schrade (Uncle Henry) LB8 I have pictured in my previous post was made back in the early 1980's when they were still manufactured in America.I haven't bought a single Schrade since they became imports and I never will.I took a 7OT and polished the handles on it with a palm sander, and what a difference!! No more sharp ridges on it, and it looked like it had been carried in a pocket for years, and yet it was brand new.

I'd rather have a Schrade with a nicked blade, a broken point, a dull as crap edge, a loose pivot pin and missing one grip panel than a brand new Buck.Have had one for forty years and it has never failed to date.Skinned about 50 deer, and elk and a couple of cows and unknown amount of small game including rabbits, groundhogs, birds of all sort and more than a few rattlesnakes. I once used my Schrade to whittle a point onto a tire iron and killed a bear with it and it was STLL shaving sharp!In fact, if you look up Buck knife on the bay, not only Buck knives come up, but many other knives as well, because so many folks call any larger knife... That being said, I used to collect Schrade knives and still have a few. I have a Schrade in my glove box and a Buck in the door pocket of my truck right now. If they were still made in the USA I'd still be buying them, but I am more inclined to support a knife company that makes most of their knives in our country. I ended up with a small Buck folder, and it had a broken blade on it.I sent it to Buck with a note asking how much it would cost to have the blade replaced.

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