Dating cousin through marriage

In short, this view sees the Bible as having value primarily as a piece of ancient literature. Their concern for the poor, widows and the homeless.Liberalism is usually associated with the social gospel.(NASB) 2 Timothy -17The Greek word for “inspired by God” is a single Greek word that means “God-breathed,” that is, God wrote it. Conservatives say scripture is verbally inspired – word for word truthful and calls it verbal (word) inspiration. This is the historic view of the apostles and the early church. This view of inspiration says the Bible is a human book and contains historical and scientific errors.1 Peter -12 and 2 Peter -21 tells us the prophets wrote the scripture under the influence of the Holy Spirit. They do not believe the Bible is accurate word for word.The Bible doesn’t address the subject of cousin marriage directly.

Whatever you decide, you can be pretty sure of one thing: your choice in the state where you reside.

Is it appropriate for cousins or other relatives to marry?

My first cousin and I lived on opposite sides of the country during childhood and never met until we were in our late teens.

Approximately half of the states permit first cousin marriage either without restrictions or under certain specified circumstances; in all others it is against the law.

It is also prohibited for Roman Catholics: Pope Gregory I banned the practice in the 6 century.

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