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When you sell a woman a product and she goes into the store and finds your brand isn’t in stock, she will probably forget about it.

But when you sell a kid on your product, if he can’t get it, he will throw himself in the floor, stamp his feet, and cry.

There have been calls to ban the advertising of sugary cereals to children for nearly a half century, a product that Harvard nutrition professor Jean Mayer referred to as “sugar-coated nothings.” In a Senate hearing on nutrition education, he said, “Properly speaking, they ought to be called cereal-flavored candy, rather than sugar-covered cereals.” The Senate committee “invited the major manufacturers of children’s cereals” to testify.

But not to worry, the industry will just self-regulate. They pledge not to advertise to kids, yet after the initiative went into effect, kids actually saw candy ads.

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“One cereal industry representative candidly admitted” why they decided to boycott the hearing: they simply didn’t “have persuasive answers” for why they’re trying to sell kids breakfast candy.

In the Mad Men age, before the consumer movement was in bloom, ad “company executives were more willing to talk frankly about the purpose of their ads and how they felt about aiming the ads at the ‘child market.’” A quote from an executive director of Kellogg’s ad firm: “Our primary goal is to sell products to children, not educate them.

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