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Oyster moss brings natural green and woody aroma, this perfume completes the harmony of the perfume, creating a cool feeling, but also the scent seems to melt into the body heat naturally.Gray Vetiver as the descendant of the “old man” Guerlain Vetiver when retaining the exotic aroma of vetiver, but instead of smoke cigarettes, scent fresh citrus fragrance.Guerlain Vetiver was loved to such a degree that the following year, lovers of grass and flowers are still treasured and considered this is the scent of the most beautiful incense stick for men. Fat Electrician of Etat Libre d’Orange was released to the public in 2009 in its extremely popular bottle.Guerlain’s Vetiver smells of nostalgia, warm and dry like autumn leaves, subdued cigarettes, calm, cuddly, close, and … Antoine Maisondieu is the perfume designer who created the oriental wood fragrance for men.Gray Vetiver smell strong, full of vitality, youthful, bright, love life.Due to the woody aroma combined with citrus, the fragrance is particularly easy to use in all weather conditions, go to work – go play – go meetings are ideal.

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Terre’s scent is the obvious polarization of the nuances but it does not break apart, just like the subtlety associated with simplicity, modesty and power.

Fat Electrician is like the explosion of incense sticks when the perfume just touches your skin with bitter taste and the smell of smoke is accompanied by the sweet, fatty smell of chestnut and warm aroma The plastic makes up a nearly perfect combination.

The aroma settles down slowly but still retains the aroma of incense grass with the appearance of sweet vanilla with the fat of the cream to create a variety of emotions for the user.

In this fragrance, we see the luxury and elegance created by the natural plant components, which are close to the old men’s fragrance. However, mastering the scent is vetiver, incense grass, making the orange and pepper mixture less sharp acid, becoming warmer friendly closer. Terre d’Hermès is loved because in a sea of fragrances for men gradually become lifeless, easygoing, lack of personality, this creativity is subtle, delicate and different.

If you are new to perfume but do not like the unique feel of Aquatic, the Terre d’Hermès is a perfect fit.

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