Dating hamlet ophelia39s story summary

Making a commitment to delve into books that I had doubt about, REALLY delving into and committing to the read, it changed everything.

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If this was one novel overlooked in a collection due to not considering how it aligns with school curriculum and bringing this to the attention of educators and patrons, think of how many more texts exist in the same category?I'm not averse to people adapting very good literature like Hamlet and putting a fun twist on the story. Simply looking at the date published, the number of times checked out, the condition of course are factors.But ever wonder if the number of times checked out is misaligned with a text actually aligning with a curriculum that a school maintains?Face it Fiedler; sometimes good people are born from bad parents. There's only so many times you can make other characters fall for your protagonist before your reader's suspension of disbelief is stretched to the breaking point!And don't forget the fact that Ophelia has no negative qualities whatsoever. I'll give the author this, she did manage to keep me interested throughout the story, I was intrigued in how she would change the original and how things would be wrapped up. Ophelia never was one of my favorite Shakespearean heroines (perhaps because my acting teachers were often suggesting i play her~and i was always a little partial to Juliet~ever since we first read the play in ninth grade English).

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