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Did you remain child-free for decades, only to change you mind later? ♦◊♦ I thought I’d start out this column with a bit of science.The desire to remain child-free hit me suddenly sometime in college.And even those crazy people who do want kids are making fewer of them. Scott, a writer and producer who focuses on the child-free movement in North America.Earlier this year, the National Center for Health Statistics revealed that the U. birth rate is the lowest it’s been in a century: a mere 13.5 bloody, oozing births for every 1,000 people. (Yes, there’s a whole movement.) Scott is the author of From 2004 to 2006, she surveyed 171 single, partnered, and married adults, asking them to rank 18 “frequently cited motivations for remaining childless.” The motivations were statements like, “I don’t think I would make a good parent” or “I don’t enjoy being around children.” Scott says her survey group is one way her research differs from many earlier looks at the childless-by-choice crowd: the earlier studies usually ignored men.For the third-highest motive, men and women again picked the same response: “I have no desire to have a child, no maternal or paternal instinct.” Fifty-four percent of men rated it a 4 or 5.

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The idea of such finality after a vasectomy, however, tends to raise lots of questions, concerns and fears not just for the men undergoing the procedure, but the women in their lives., an idea popped into my head: We have plenty of articles and columns and posts covering being a good dad, but what about us dudes who don’t want to have kids? (OK, maybe I am a little selfish and immature.) Mom cried when she found out. A lot of negative vibes pop up for those of us who want to remain child-free. This column will examine the issues—good, bad, fugly—surrounding the decision to permanently avoid reproduction. Did you get snipped without your significant other knowing? Do you belong to a church that tells you God has a little bundle of drool waiting for you? I had a vasectomy at 28, and since then I’ve been called selfish and immature for permanently saving myself from midnight bottle feedings.The tanking economy is one of the biggest reasons—baby food is freaking expensive. “I did a bunch of research and realized there hadn’t been a lot of books written on this topic for a while,” Scott said in a phone interview.But last week, as I watched yet another poor sap on television slam chin-first into a padded wall, I wondered: why don’t other dudes want kids? “And most that had been written were for and about women, I guess under the assumption that, you know, motherhood is instinctual and fatherhood is learned.” So when Scott looked for respondents, she made sure she found some guys.

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    Blumstein and Schwartz (1983, cited in Rubin & Adams, 1986) noted that of 3,574 married couples in their sample, 15–28% had an understanding that allows nonmonogamy under some circumstances.

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    Online dating can be an easier route for those who have trouble initiating conversation.