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In they added a shim, partone for each cylinderbehind the leaf valves and under the stop plate for the 15 hp, apparently to allow leaf valves to open up more at higher RPM, giving the motor more fuel in the air mixture.The word was that the imported Japanese engines of the same rating were outperforming the US engines, as they were rated differently.By 9 PM I had everything hooked up, mounted the ignition on the dash etc. Hello Albert, The motor arrived in perfect condition and was all that you said it would be. The motor and the boat have been a real show stopper were ever we take it.

1884 and owned by one family for four generations, has continuously supplied the Melbourne and Australian community with quality Marine Electronics and GPS, Boat Parts and Sailing Gear, Fishing Equipment, Outboard Motors and Engines, as well as House, Outdoor & Camping Gear.This cable system replaced the gear throttle linkage improving the situation dramatically.Also do not knock these pre electronic ignition models.When they designed this series of motors, they designed it as a 15 hp and then detuned it with a different carburetor for the 9.There is nothing inside these silencers as that's all they do is silence there is no dust on the water.

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