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These are all traits of how the “tall, dark, and handsome” man is portrayed in the media. Bond shows a lot of psychopathic traits, and those aspects of him are glorified.

Needless to say, women fall head over heals for characters such as this. Yet, women justify this behavior because he’s just “so dreamy”…

Nowadays, this character is the vampire, Edward, in all his sparkling glory… I wouldn’t even dare peg Edward as a psychopath, but he does show a few traits, mainly charming and controlling… Psychopaths not only fit this role of the dark, mysterious, and charming loner, we will also craft this mask to meet the specific emotional desires of each person.

And we don’t just pick out any poor sap who crosses our paths, either.

He is honest…I would rather sit with him ..being up front.people who are one thing in your face and whisper behind your back.I have taken excerpts from a chat on the forum concerning why women are attracted to sociopaths (psychopaths) (sociopath and psychopath or the same thing, just some people prefer to use sociopath, there is debate that sociopaths are a product of their environment and psychopaths are born that way. But psychopaths are experts at playing on people’s emotional needs and desires.But the DSM doesn’t recognize sociopath.) Anyway the first reply to the question, is from a self profess psychopath, Myers: and is in blue type. Many psychopaths are so charming and cunningly deceitful that experienced criminal psychologists succumb to their charms to the point of giving them money, housing them, and even making attempts to get them out of prison. We can and will play any role that we think will please our love interest, business partner, friend, or other such person.* I don’t think women consciously look for someone who is abusive and controlling.And if you read Myers answers to other questions you will notice that he admittedly treats others like garbage.

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