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The actress reportedly agreed and after a few casual dates and flirty phone calls, the pair’s relationship apparently blossomed into something more serious.

“So when Kris approached her about taking Rob out, Jen figured, ‘Why not?

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’” a source told , Rob feels the same way about Lawrence, whom he considers “a breath of fresh air” after a string of relationships with “bad girls.” (Is that Blac Chyna shade?

) “He’s always gone for the bad girls, so Jen is a complete breath of fresh air,” the source said.

The talk began when magazine (a questionable source for celebrity gossip) recently reported that the 27-year-old actress and the 31-year-old reality star are an item.

The relationship reportedly began when the two met in passing and Lawrence thought that Rob was “sort of cute.” Some time after, Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, reportedly asked Lawrence if she would consider taking her son out.

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