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Figure 1: The Shroud of Turin contains a faint dorsal (top half) and frontal (lower half) image of a man, with many features paralleling the Crucifixion.Yet, the historical record of the Shroud is spotty, multiple features on it conflict with the biblical record of events, and carbon dating places it squarely in the medieval era.Morphology: Several features of the man in the Shroud appear to be distorted, and he is unusually tall, compared to the average height of a first-century Jewish man.

Furthermore, Jesus was buried with seventy-five pounds of extremely sticky spices, according to John , whereas the Shroud shows no signs of them.The first is Mark Antonacci’s 2015 book, Antonacci is a lawyer and founder and president of Test the Shroud Foundation.He is a leading expert on the Shroud of Turin and has spent 30 years studying it.Called the Shroud of Turin, it is claimed to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ.Strangely, it bears the full-length frontal and dorsal negative imprint of a man’s body (figure 1).

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