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I have never seen an article relating to this on any Christian website. With so many kids being diagnosed with autism today (for boys it is every 1 in 93 births) and so many marriages ending in divorce I can’t be the only one struggling with this.” Our hearts go out to this wife and mother, and all of you who are dealing with this issue. Perhaps this article will help you in some way as we refer you to read some of the articles we found, concerning this matter. She discovered that as they set their sights in working together, with intentionality, their relationship can actually benefit rather than be destroyed by the ever-changing challenges.

To help those of you who are dealing with marriage challenges that occur when you are raising a child with special needs, we believe you will find the following article insightful: • AN UNEXPECTED GIFT Now, you may not have thought of the blessings that can come from having a child with Autism. She writes: To learn more, please click onto: • THE HARDSHIPS AND BLESSINGS OF RAISING A SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD Sheila Wray Gregoire wrote a touching article on dealing with a child that “isn’t perfect.” She brings out how it can negatively affect marriages.

We received a letter here at “I am in a second marriage and my stepchild has a disability (autism).

It is a known fact that many marriages end in divorce when there is a child with a disability.

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“My husband is often in denial about his adult son with autism. can send wave after wave of overwhelming trials to a marriage. Do NOT let autism have your marriage.” writer has discovered something else as it pertains to growing a good marriage.

SNN is currently vendored with the regional center, as well as a subcontractor for Kaiser Permenante’s autism services.

To find out if your child is eligible for ABA services through SNN, Please call: 866-644-7662 Special Needs Network, Inc.

Areva Martin receives a 2017 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award The 2017 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards recognize Californians who are advancing innovative solutions to critical issues facing our state. SNN serves as a link between under-served communities and mainstream developmental disability organizations and governmental institutions which often fail to address issues specific to these communities.

SNN firmly believes that dignity, hope, and opportunity are the birthright of all children. (SNN) is excited to expand its civic engagement programs to include a special needs voter education and registration tool kit and grassroots initiative.

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