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What counters this behavior is the fact that they're usually respectful of your privacy as well.Just know that omission does not, in the eyes of an Aquarian, equate to lying.They may urgently want to get together one moment, only to seem completely indifferent the next.They may be late for a date because they lost track of time.

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They look at dating as a destination instead of a journey. The six dating tips below that I will outline all flow from these facts regarding the female Capricorn personality.

If you understand this fully, your chances of meeting the right person and falling in love and developing a relationship that can withstand the test of time will be quite good. Dating is really all about developing a relationship.

You have to remember that dating is not all about you. A relationship by definition is not about you and your needs. It has its own needs; it has its own priorities; it has its own reason for existence.

But if the electricity is there between the two of you, it's a good start.

Another quirk of Aquarius is their ability to vanish into thin air.

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