Dating tips for young single mothers

But again, there is nothing wrong with being a mom and dating as long as dating does not hurt your mothering and you are protecting your child’s emotions in the dating process.

The key word here is “prioritize.” You must prioritize your child, but you do not need to neglect yourself and your desires.

If a Christian girl got pregnant out of wedlock, premarital sex and the pregnancy are two different issues.

A child is always a blessing from the Lord no matter what the relationship is between the father and the mother.

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Moms in general are one of the most loving, sacrificial people groups in the world.

Therefore the question “Should a Christian single mom date?

” is not a question of morality but rather one of circumstances, maturity, and wisdom.

What most Christian single moms probably need to hear more is that while you must never put your dating life before your child, you must also not totally neglect the desires God has placed on your heart for a relationship.

From my perspective, most of the times it is not required to choose mothering or dating.

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