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« Agricultural input subsidies for improving productivity, farm income, consumer welfare and wider growth in low- and lower-middle-income countries Interventions to improve the labour market outcomes of youth: a systematic review of training, entrepreneurship promotion, employment services and subsidized employment interventions » This Campbell systematic review examines the effectiveness of school-based interventions to reduce or prevent violence in intimate relationships.

The review focused on programmes to change attitudes and beliefs, reduce perpetration and victimization, and change behaviours. Prevention programmes improve young people’s knowledge about, and attitudes towards, dating violence. Students in the intervention group showed moderate increases in knowledge about dating violence, a lower acceptance of stereotypical ‘rape myths’, and moderate improvements in appropriately resolving conflicts in interpersonal relationships.

An extensive search strategy was used to identify qualifying studies.

Studies were required to meet several criteria to be eligible for inclusion.Studies must: The literature search yielded a total of 1,608 references, of which 90 were deemed potentially relevant and retrieved for additional screening.Of these 90 studies, 23 were included in the study after a full review.The incidence of psychological, physical, and sexual violence in intimate dating relationships has a significant impact on young people.These issues are of great concern to researchers, educators, and administrators who strive to help youth be happy and healthy.

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