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{"data Manager":"[]","props":{"server State":,"page Props":,"initial I18n Store":{"en":{"guest":{"account Overview Sidebar":,"account Overview Stay Activity":,"adaptive Need Help Block":,"address Group":,"alert Modal":,"blank Modal":,"brand Dropdown":,"change Password Form":,"check Box":,"city Dropdown":,"combine Accounts Content":,"combine Accounts Form":{"completion Time":"Please allow five business days to complete this request.","disclaimer":"Combining accounts can't be undone.Be sure your information is correct and the names match exactly before submitting.","error Text":"Something went wrong, and your request wasn't submitted.Similarly, the optional pct tag can be used to stage and sample your DMARC deployment.Since 100% is the default, passing “pct=20” in your DMARC TXT record results in one-fifth of all messages affected by the policy actually receiving the disposition instead of all of them.Here is an excerpt of a report showing results for messages sent from a couple of IP addresses, one sent directly and the other forwarded.

The TXT record name should be “_dmarc.” where “” is replaced with your actual domain name (or subdomain).

Finally, once you’re absolutely sure that all of your messages are signed, change the policy setting to “reject” to make full use of DMARC.

Revisit reports to ensure your results are acceptable.

) refers to the precision with which sender records are compared to SPF and DKIM signatures, with the two possible values being relaxed or strict. In short, relaxed allows partial matches, such as subdomains of a given domain, while strict requires an exact match.

Make sure to include your email address with the optional rua tag to receive the daily reports.

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