Deep purple on the dating game

He was the one everyone in the whole place was listening to.

He had the power to control the whole party; if you are both busy then you can’t be singled out for not being around.

If I had to I would even cheat, and give them a reason to leave me.

As I got older this became even more important, and friends and family expected me to eventually get engaged after a certain point.

I always have a lot to juggle with family, friends, work and now an illness.

If the person I meet is just as busy, the hope is he won’t notice when I am tired or not giving him the attention he and the relationship deserves. Okay, so I know this might be shocking for those of you reading this who know me as I am now very happily married with a child.

I even danced around the room and sang Here Comes the Bride.

It made me sad every time they would joke, but I would never tell.

It bothered me and I tried to think back to every man that I ever dated or even spent time with, and I didn’t want to continue this apparent pattern.

I finally figured it out, and lovingly, or jokingly (depending on who I am talking to) refer to it as “The Lupus Dating Game”.

I would start to like someone just before they left for a big trip, or when they were moving half way across the country, because I knew they would have to go and it would be easier to say goodbye and keep in touch, then to break up.

I even would start to date people at work, because I always had the excuse of the job to end it.

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