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The National Association of Free Will Baptists maintains an executive office building at 5233 Mt. The Executive Office plays a vital role in providing direction to the denomination by correlating national ministries and ad­ministering denominational affairs.

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Two years later he had a double role in the thriller film “Fractured”, co-starring Vinnie Jones and Ashlynn Yennie.

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The Free Will Baptist denomination is a fellowship of evangeli­cal churches that adhere to the Bible as the foundation of faith and practice.

The denomination began in 1727, and for nearly 300 years has contributed to the moral and spiritual fiber of the nation.

They are, as the name indicates, Baptist in doctrine, teaching that immersion—not sprin­kling or pouring—is the correct method of baptism.

Free Will Baptists enjoy an extensive publishing ministry headed by Randall House Publications.

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