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It was a successful blueprint of how a dysfunctional TV family could be funny.“Everybody says that I can find funny in a dark place, but that’s just my life,” Titus explained.“I’m not thinking it’s a dark place for me, it's just where I came from.”Employing a self-dubbed “hard funny” label, Titus brings his ninth and latest stand-up show, “Stories I Shouldn't Tell,” to the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Des Moines on June 7-8.

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Bradley is groundbreaking comedian whose high-energy shows capture the heart and intellect of her audiences.

Bradley is a feminist, but she would never dream of burning her bra or giving up her 5-inch heels.

Mc Henry County Arts had the opportunity to talk with Bradley about her career and the upcoming show at downtown Crystal Lake’s Raue Center. Every time I put on the swimsuit and the clear heels, I could hear Susan B. Christopher Titus, Mike Birbiglia, Kevin Hart, Jim Jefferies – I love storytelling.

It's not about politics, it’s not about the politicians, it's about us.”In “Stories I Shouldn't Tell,” Titus talks about a multitude of personal topics, like his kids currently being estranged from him, his dad kidnapping him, and his sister’s suicide.“This happened to be about tragedy and how we all have it and how do we all deal with it,” Titus said.

“If you’ve had suicide in your family, I'm trying to find a way to talk about it, to give people some ease with it.

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