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You see, Beachbody randomly assigns everyone that buys Focus T25 a coach.However, some coaches are unresponsive or inactive.

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The Focus T25 Review was needed because people kept asking more and more questions about T25. Alpha is month one of preparing your body with the foundation. As you can see below, I have created a printable Alpha Phase workout schedule for you as well.

I'd be happy to answer all your questions, and even coach you every step up the way on your Focus T25 10 week journey! One thing nobody is going to tell you before you buy Focus T25, is selecting your coach before you buy the Focus T25 Workout is critical to your success.

I've done two rounds of Focus T25 and I know what is great about Focus T25, and what is not so great about Focus T25. The main reason I decided to try the workout was because I couldn't believe you could get these kinds of results, working out only 25 minutes a day. I literally get hundreds of people a week asking me for tips, advice, motivation, and support but I can't help them because they already have an existing coach that may not be answering their questions.

Now if you totally hate Tony Horton, and love Shaun T, then you definitely want to get your hands on the Focus T25 Gamma Series.

The Gamma series adds much more weight and strength training to your 25 minute workouts. The whole point of is to cram an hour worth of a workout into 25 minutes.

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